Headquartered in UK, MCP have operations across Europe,
Asia and America and have strong relationships with:
• Payment Processors
• Network Operators
• On-line Merchants


Building businesses that are:
• Secure
• Compliant
• Verifiable


• Ad Analysis
• Brand Protection
• Risk Management
• Regulation Auditing
• Payment Authentication



Robust verification of consumer opt-in

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Ad Tracking and Recording

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Testing and Monitoring of live services worldwide

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Market Analysis

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Compliance Services

International support on regulatory matters

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  • New technology to help users combat mobile malware attacks  ... view more.

Who We Are

About Company

Headquartered in UK, MCP has operations across Europe, Asia and Australia with clients in the following sectors: Payment Processors, Network Operators, Regulators and On-line Merchants. MCP have built a company (currently 40 people) with a reputation for ensuring market intelligence and pro-active regulatory due diligence are at the forefront of our clients’ strategic thinking.

MCP’s platform comprises of a hardware/software system that intelligently manages information/events in a real-time environment and which is particularly suited to fast-moving environments The platform (developed over the past 18 years) and MCP’s monitoring/auditing tools are underpinned by a comprehensive, easy to manage on-line tool for clients to access their data.

Key personnel within the organisation have many years of experience in industry and specifically telecommunications. Via their on-line Ad scanning technology, MCP provide Market Intelligence, Compliance, Service Auditing, Risk Management & Brand Protection.

We are currently live in following Geos: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, India, UAE, Poland, Vietnam, Singapore, Kenya, Greece, Belgium.

Coming soon: Switzerland, Portugal, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Ghana, Nigeria, Chile.



Declan Pettit (Commercial Director)

Declan has specialised in the technology sector for the past 15 years, having previously worked in the City for 10 years as a Director of a Political


Toby Padgham (Operations Director)

Toby has over 20 years’ experience working with companies in the interactive media and premium rate Industry. Having founded the Industry trade orga


Brian Pettit (Technology Director)

Brian is a Systems Analyst by training and is the Technical Director for the business. He has designed and built multiple systems in the last 25 years




David Ashman (Senior Operations Manager)

Before joining MCP to head up our UK operations, David has held a variety of marketing and communication roles across Europe with blue chip


Jane Capel (Finance Manager)

Jane has over 20 years commercial finance experience in both B2C & B2B sectors including Technology, Banking, Publishing & Manufacturing.


Faisal Ameer

(Technical Manager)


Aftab Ahmed

(Goverifyit Manager)


Muhammad Babar

(Audit Manager)

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